The London Tanners – busy at the workshop

Hello Kinky friends!!  No, The London Tanners has not fallen off the face of the earth.  Quite the contrary we have been wonderfully busy here at the workshop.  Our  12th  Anniversary year has really started off with a bang!!  We want to again thank all of you for putting The London Tanners on your “must have” list these past years.  It has been an honour for us to provide you with the very best disciplinary implements you can find.

And we love all the pics some of you have sent us over the years showing us how well our implements are working during your attempts to correct the behaviour of all those naughty bottoms. Luckily there are so many of them, we are hoping to stay busy for years to come…LOL.  Here are a couple of pics of some of our friends using our implements:

Perfect Princess getting a dose of the tawse by Firm_Hand

CherylKay getting the Boudoir Paddle

ColoDom and Spank4fun enjoying the reformatory paddle

naughty girl getting the razor strap. by Photo Dave

And thought you might like to see some of the implements we used to make in the earlier days.  Many of you will probably remember some of them and still have these favourite implements in your toy bag:

In addition to our online orders, we have been busy vending at some our favourite parties here in the UK.  We’ve been to the Ouch Party in Jan.  Nick and Natasha have an AWESOME venue and the party is a huge success.  We attended Romford in Feb, where Graham and Suzy organize a party every couple of months; great spanking fun with lots of friendly people.  And we have just attended the Kent Party this past weekend.  It was beautiful outdoors this time and we all enjoyed being able to play outside.   Thanks for all those who stopped by our table during these events, and to all those we met, chatted with and had the pleasure of playing with during these parties.

We are also working hard here at the workshop, getting ready for the beginning of the “spanking season” in the US (our friends here in the UK laugh when we call it that).  Our first major party in the USA is of course the wonderfully awesome BBW party on April 27 to April 29th, 2012. Team Ian will be in full swing (no pun intended), so stop by the table and say hello to our lovely and beautiful Stella, Sexy Red and Stir the pot Morgan. Team Ian is very excited about seeing everyone again this year!!

Please remember, like last year, we are unable to reserve/hold back items for anyone.  We send a large amount of stock to Stella, but in order to be fair to everyone, items sold at the vendor fair is first-come-first-serve. So if you want a specific item please pre-order/buy now online and we’ll ship it with the regular party stock, or come to the table EARLY.

We are still working out the logistics of Team Ian attending the FMS party in June, CM in July and SL in Sept.  We’ll update everyone as soon as we have worked out the details.

We are THRILLED we will be hosting our first INTERNATIONAL PARTY in Spain on October 19th-21st, 2012.  The World Spanking Party is moving along VERY NICELY so far.  We already have more than 75 people registered for their place at the party!!

It is going to be an AWESOME international spanking gala, with people coming from Australia, Canada, the USA, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, the UK, Norway, the Netherlands and Spain.  We are very excited to be putting together so many spankos from all over the world into one private villa for a weekend of sun, sangrias and spanking!!

The food, drink and entertaining events are all set (well, we still have a couple of events to surprise you with in the coming months).   If you want to be part of the first international spanking weekend, go to our website and register now before it’s full!!  We promise you that it will be a weekend you will never forget!!

So, as you can see we are still very much into “things”.  Here are a couple of pics of our latest items hot off the work bench for you to drool over (or run away from).

the Loopy Johnny

DD paddle (bottom), DD strap (top)




Ian’s working on the pattern and ordering the special leather now, so stay tuned.  You’ll want to make sure you get one of these limited items!!

From all of us at The London Tanners both here and in the US, we look forward to seeing many of you this coming year!!

This Joint (Workshop) is Jumping

The London Tanners Workshop has been working non-stop the past few weeks, making stock for the upcoming Shadow Lane party in Las Vegas  Nevada, U.S. Sept 2-5th at the Suncoast Casino Resort  and Twisted Leprechaun festival in Dublin, Ireland Sept .9th-11th.   Although it’s been a lot of work, we are excited to be vending at two shows in two countries in one month!!

Stock from our new Austere English Collection has been shipped to our lovely StellaFL for its debut on the West Coast!! With the success of our new collection at SSNY’s Boardwalk Badness Weekend, Florida MoonShine’s Beach Party and Crimson Moon Summer Spanktacular we have made  over 50 items for the vendor fair at SL.  Stop by our table early on Friday nite, as we anticipate great excitement over our new leather and Collection.  Stella will be at the table along with our wonderful friends Corey and Maria.


The London Tanners has been attending Shadow Lane for many years. We have many fond memories.  Here are some pics from past parties:

Ian, Tony and Abigail Wittaker 2006.

  Ian and Amber during the Vendor Fair

Pixie waiting to help test out some implements

Ian and Samantha Woodley having a bit of fun


Ian and Kay will be attending the Twisted Leprechaun Festival, Ireland’s first ever bondage and BDSM festival in the Dublin area.  Our good friend StellaPerversa is the organizer of the event.

This will be the first time The London Tanners will be vending at a major international event, introducing people on this side of the pond to his new collection.  Since this is a BDSM festival, Ian has created the “Master Bondage Belt” exclusively for the event.

Ian will also be a presenter during the weekend, conducting a hands-on class on Corporal Punishment.  We are excited to be attending this first time event!! If you are attending the event, please stop by our table and say hello and look at our new Austere English Collection and The Master Bondage Belt.

Crimson Moon Party Wrap-Up

The Summer is coming to an end but the parties continue!!  Although Crimson Moon is over, The London Tanners has 2 more parties before the end of the year.  Stella will be vending at The Shadow Lane- Brat Pack Party Sept 2-5th in Las Vegas, NV, US while Ian and Kay will be attending and vending at Twisted Lep Fest Sept 9-11th  in Dublin Ireland.

Well the Crimson Moon Party was a real success. We were delighted to see/read/hear about how much fun everyone had in Chicago.  The London Tanners, Team Ian was well represented, with Stella and Morgan  in the middle of much fun and mischief (not to be confused with Miss_Chief who was also at the party).  The London Tanners would like to thank everyone who stopped by the London Tanners table to chat, look, touch, perv over or buy some wicked implements of ass destruction.

Here are some highlights and pics of the party, thanks to our Stella and Morgan and  guest writer Rad. Also thanks to Zelle for taking so many great pics of the party.  If you have anything you would like to add, please feel free to comment or email us and we’ll gladly add your comments and/or pics.


I wasn’t sure what to expect as I headed to the airport on Thursday to attend the Crimson Moon party. I had never attended a CM party, but looking at the list of attendees on Fetlife, I realized that I did know a few people attending. Knowing that Morgan and Zelle were going to be there helped as well.  But as I landed in Chicago, I was still feeling that anxiety like I had when I attended my very first spanking party nearly three years ago.

Due to sheer luck, I arrived in Chicago an hour ahead of schedule. Morgan “Mr. Strictly Pure Vanilla Extract” picked me up at the airport and we were at the hotel in no time. Before the night was over all the anxiety was gone. The Crimson Moon crowd was very welcoming and friendly.

Morgan had his “vanilla” suite set up with wine, cheese, chocolates, chips and dip. He  also had his famous 61 leather implements, made by none other than The London  Tanner himself, neatly displayed on their racks. The rest of the room also included such things as a stanchion, whips, floggers and not one, but two, Sybians.  Party goers came in and out of the suite all weekend, visiting, playing and munching on snacks, until the wee hours of each morning. By my calculation I had a total of 11 hours sleep in 3 nights.

Mike cooked each evening and since I didn’t hear any complaints, it must have been  pretty good. I missed out on the dinners, opting instead to try some local cuisine. Thursday night was Uno’s Pizza ; The best Chicago pizza I have ever tasted. Well ok it’s the ONLY Chicago pizza I have had. But it was great.

On Friday, I managed to survive “The Tour of London” (term coined by Zelle).  SuburbanSpanker  was the tour guide and made sure I had a personal knowledge of each of the 18 implements in the Austere English Collection as well as how they each felt.

On Saturday the Vendor’s Fair began at noon. It was a great vendor’s fair. Vendors were selling all kinds of perverted items to torture the ones they love.  LOL…  I enjoyed the chance to meet and talk with each of you. To those of you who purchased new implements, thank you and may they serve you well for many years to come.

It was great to see so many vendor “friends”.. The Ultra Popular Top was sporting a new hat…Check out Richard Windsor’s account of the weekend at his blog.  It was also great to see Cowboy Steve .  He has been a great friend to The London Tanners over the years.  Ian still enjoys the hairburshes and whips he received from Steve.  Check out a pic of him here.

On Saturday night,  Art_Amiss  put on a comedy show after dinner.  She was a riot.  We Enjoyed her at BBW and again here in Chicago.

It was a great weekend!  Thanks to all those who put together such a great event. I met a lot of new people and enjoyed chatting with them and old. friends.  Finally I want to say a HUGE thank you to Morgan being such a great host.


Having heard so many good things about the Crimson Moon spanking group in Chicago and their bi-annual parties, I was glad that the opportunity arrived to attend this  July accompanied by my lovely wife, Sandy. We flew into O’Hare where one of the other party goers was nice enough to give us a relatively short ride to the venue. The first thing  that struck me was how nice the hotel was with a wonderful and friendly staff as well as comfortable and large rooms. But we weren’t there for the hotel and jumped right into the mix of things by meeting people and arranging play appointments. We were fed and entertained quite well all weekend but afforded plenty of time to make our own arrangements for fun. Saturday featured a decent vendors fair with plenty of tables and stand featuring everything from videos to books, shirts and, of course, implements.

One of the things that I loved most about this party was the fact that I had the opportunity to meet a good number of people for the first time. Many times I’ll go to these parties across the country and pretty much see the same group of people. Crimson Moon was like attending my first party since I knew relatively few people and was pleasantly surprised to find that most of the folks I met (if not all) were extremely personable. I definitely
made some new friends there.


Wow, hard to believe it was just two weeks ago that I was arriving for the Chicago Crimson Moon Summer Spanktacular.  The party had the top 3 floors of the Hotel booked – over 160 were in attendance, with people still signing up on the Website going into the wee hours of Thursday Morning.  There were people from CA, TX, FL, NY, VA, NM, WI, MN, IN, TN, GA, PA, and more.  I know Zelle was doing Airport runs Wed and Thurs.

The Hospitality Suite aka “The Lair” was opened on Thursday (and throughout the weekend),  and the good times began to roll. There was a message board in the Main Play are during the weekend.  It was a great way to set up play dates or simply letting others know of your interests. Rad (aka the Quintessential Top)  and Richard Windsor  (aka  the Ultra Popular Top) both had their dance cards filled and messages awaiting them in the Message Board in the Main Play Room.

The Vendors Faire was held Saturday afternoon and open to the public.  All the vendors told Mike they had really great sales.  Yoni  has a few “Vintage” toys of the London Tanner from an era gone by.  He
was more than happy not only to show Stella a strap Ian had made in Yester-year,  but also demonstrate the effect on Stella.

Cowboy Steve also was showing a few vintage implements created by The London Tanner which even date to a time prior to his embossing of the implements with his hand stamped trademark.

Things were starting to become somewhat of a blur by then after catching only a couple hours sleep each night.  There are lots of memories and some stories to be told for sure.  Pretty much what happened in The Lair remains in The Lair. But I can say some lost dignity was reclaimed, while others left  theirs behind – all in good fun.  Some experienced a Sjambok, some found Mr Zia’s paddles to their liking (or maybe not so much).  Suburban Spanker did conduct a few London Tours and as I understand it demonstrated something called “Follow Through”.

I suppose along those lines you might as well hear it here first – Debs and MissBehavinMegan decided to make sport with those of this Strictly Pure Vanilla Exxxtract persuasion and had a game they played to see who would be the first to  say “Uncle”  ( cleaned up for the sake of the Blog)..   Yes, you guessed it; the two imps were  laying side by side looking at each other as the Strictly Pure Vanilla Exxxtract was administering cane strokes with a variety of canes ( Dragon Canes, School Canes, Whangees, etc).  After about a half hour of this I could see from the grins on their faces that someone needed to take control – so yes, it was me that called “Uncle”.

So there, just a hint of the fun that was had at the Summer Spanktacular. I might also mention there was an Ice Cream Social, held in honor of  Vince, one of the past founding  members and organizers of Crimson Moon.  The event raised over $800 to be given to a Charity in his name.

Having said all that, if you think you might like to join in the camaraderie; it is only 80  days til the Chicago Crimson Moon Halloween Spooktacular.

And our final scoop from Zelle .  You can see her comments about the party here on her blog, and if you friend her on spankingtube , you can see how her Tour of London turned out….

Friends and other spanko news

With the lull between parties, seems we are all busy doing our summer things.  But there are many who have been otherwise busy this summer, working on videos, books, events and blogs.  Here’s a little update on we’re doing and what some of our friends have been up to.

Richard Windsor

Looking great these days!!  I’m sure he’s very happy with the “new body”…He’s also been busy as he’s had some trouble with his websites, but thankfully they are new and improved and up and running again.  In case you have the old links book-marked, here are the new links:

Richard Windsor’s panty spanking site  And spanking pics/video blog.

Ms Cassandra Park

Ms. Cassandra has also been busy the last several months.  It was great to see her and Rad at the SSNY Boardwalk Badness weekend.  We noticed that she’s been busy with Punished Brats as well, delivering a sound spanking to Ten (who we met at the FMS party in June and who also does a video with Richard Windsor and Strictly Spanking Videos).

Also, for those of you who haven’t already purchased/read her book, here is the link for It’s Supposed to hurt.

Strictly Spanking Videos

Our Friends Coach Tanner, Miranda and Jules have been busy putting out their videos.  It was great to attend their BBW party and to see them again at FMS.  If you haven’t seen any of their videos yet, check our their website .  Although Coach Tanner is best known for his use of the family strap and most recently the Lickin Stick, here’s a pic from one of the Miranda Series Videos of her using one of our Boudoir paddles on a naughty girl.

London Tanner News

We’ve been very busy these past few months as well.  With the success of the BBW and FMS parties now behind us, we have just finished our stock for the Crimson Moon’s 2011 Summer Spanktacular party.

Our lovely lady Stella and our friend Morgan will be heading up the vendor table this year. This party looks like there will be a great group attending!!  I’m sure our friendly reporter Zelle will keep us updated and provide us with some great pics of the event.

We are continuing our spanking videos with Bondage Engineering.  We are currently working on our Punishment Series.  You can see the clips on Spanking tube:

 We hope to have a video website and store up soon!!

And a couple of final pic of Debs….we really love these shots and it’s soooo deserving!!  We at the London Tanners are always happy to “help” with the correction of naughty boys and girls.